Choose Your Element

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Your ultimate fitness program is here! Now is your chance to become HEALTHIER, LEANER & STRONGER!

Use the power and nature of the 4 elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire to transform your fitness life forever!

Which element will you choose?



Choose Your Element – A Holistic Workout Program

Simple. Effective. Creative.

Here it is, the official IG Fitness Training program!

A high quality fitness program tailored to every goal. Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle, get stronger or increase your vitality, you now have access to the exact steps you need to accomplish your fitness dreams.

The beauty of this program is its innovative approach. Each element: Earth, Air, Water and Fire have unique characteristics that will help you through your fitness journey. You will be given the opportunity to choose which element you want to work with! You can also choose to master all of them and become a fitness Avatar!

My goal is to bring a new spark into your fitness life and inspire you to want to improve. Bring back the ambition that made you want to start in the first place, and if you’re new to fitness, this will be an excellent place to start!

I have seen and tried many other fitness programs in the past and I can confidently say that this will help you much more because:

-It is very user-friendly. Meaning it is simple and ready-to-use without confusion.

-It has been tested thoroughly. Myself and countless others have used this style of training and not only did we get great results, but it improved our lives.

-It is innovative and inspiring. There is nothing like this out there, it is a unique combination between the elements and training, all while following the latest science.

I strongly believe in providing you more value than I get back in return. My mission is to help people improve their health and help them become confident in  themselves and how they look.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

This program gives you all the tools you need to start changing your life for the better.
It includes:

  • Program for Muscle Growth

  • Program for Weight Loss

  • Program for Recovery and Vitality

  • Program to gain Strength fast.

  • Nutritional Guidelines for every goal

  • Vegan Meal Plans including Recipes

  • Videos for each exercise and follow along videos

  • Warm up and stretching guide

  • Timeless and effective holistic programming

This short program will change your view of fitness.

I want to help other people that are in the same situation I used to be in: Unsatisfied with how I looked, weak, searching for the perfect program.

This is the perfect workout program for those of you who want to actually make a positive change in the healthiest way possible.
Following a plant-based lifestyle, and avoiding any “miracle pill”.

What you have at your finger tips is years of research that is tested and proven.
18 pages of timeless, concrete and easy to understand information that is very simple to navigate.

It’s time to finally take a step out of your comfort zone and get in the best shape of your life!

About the author

Ioannis Gauthier
Ioannis GauthierPersonal Trainer
I created this company to help people improve and become the best versions of themselves.
My philosophy revolves around long lasting health, free of illness and pain.
I also believe in the importance of looking great as I have seen that this gives people great confidence and helps them take on life in a much better mindset.

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