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All-inclusive, private training that makes your life simple!

I specialize in training people who want to look and feel amazing so that their new found confidence can lead them to create the life they’ve always wanted.


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IG Fitness Personal Training

Nothing compares to the experience of having your very own personal trainer. Whether you are a beginner to fitness or an olympic athlete, you should work with a personal trainer.
Having a professional guide you, push you and motivate you is absolutely essential if you want to maximize your potential results.
Hopefully, many people by now realize this, but there are so many trainers out there to choose from. So what makes IG Fitness Training any different?
For starters, I have actual real coaching experience.
I worked with real people in different shapes, sizes, personalities and goals. People with reduced mobility, mental disorders, obesity problems, advanced athletes, physical workers such as firefighters and policemen and women, children, elders and people who wanted to drastically improve their health and performance.

Therefore, unlike those people who claim to be trainers just because they look fit or have fancy websites, I can further understand your needs, goals as well as your physiological and psychological limitations. Because of this, I can better tailor your program to your needs and to your body’s adaptations.
Which means faster, better and longer lasting results for you! My philosophy is quite different from other trainers I have encountered. I pay great attention to all three pillars of fitness: Health, Performance and Body Composition. This means that everything I teach will help you in each of these key areas.

I am not the type of trainer that will get you very slim or jacked quickly by compromising your health and performance. Because not only can it harm you in many unnecessary ways but you will not get to keep that shape for a very long time. I’d rather help you get results as quickly as you can in a healthy manner and have those changes last a lifetime!

I am also a specialist in fitness nutrition. We all know that nutrition plays a key role in health, performance and body composition! Luckily for you, I can provide you with tailored nutritional strategies, give you a complete kitchen makeover and give you an educational grocery tour! Now that’s outstanding service!

The beauty of choosing IG Fitness Training is that you don’t need a gym membership! Yes, you read that right. I own a private training facility with all the room and equipment you need, to which everything is included.

It all depends on your availabilities, preferences and what would be best for you! I provide the equipment and take care of it all! It’s that simple!

I become your personal fitness guide. You no longer need to worry about weather you are eating the right way or working out properly and efficiently. I am available for YOU 24/7 with support and I make sure you stay on the path of success.

IG Fitness Personal Training : Membership 4 months

Get the body of your dreams for

$60per session, tax incl.
  • Duration 4 months
  • 2 sessions per week

Get the body of your dreams for

$50per session, tax incl.
  • Duration 4 months
  • 3 sessions per week

Get the body of your dreams for

$45per session, tax incl.
  • Duration 4 months
  • 4 sessions per week

I believe in providing you with the best, most complete and simple service. You are unique and deserve to have your very own personal trainer to expand your talents and enjoy the process.

Memberships 4 Months

This is what you get when you choose me as your personal trainer :

Custom Periodized Training Programs

Customized Nutritional Guidance

Complete Client Assessment & Tracking

Communication and Support

messaging, video calls, etc.

Complete Form Check Each Workout

Environmental Alternatives and Specialized Workouts

Motivation and Accountability

Customized Program At The End So You Can Maintain Your Results

Provided Equipment

No Gym Membership Required

Kitchen Makeover & Grocery Tour Guide

Save Time

Better and Faster Results!

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to get in the greatest shape of your life!

Apply for personal training today!

2 reviews for Personal Training

  1. roberto


  2. Roxane

    I’ve worked with Ioannis for one year now and he is great! He is knowledgeable about the body and choosing the correct exercises for your type and your needs.
    He also sets you up with a very sound nutritional plan.
    He’s always on time and very reliable. If you’re looking to change your body give him a call!

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