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An all-inclusive fitness program that is tailored specifically FOR YOU!

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IG Fitness Training // Custom Program

We often find ourselves searching for a program we can use for our own workouts, and there are TONS of them everywhere you go.

There’s only one problem, those programs aren’t tailored to suit your individual needs!

We’re all genetically different and have different environments and goals we want to achieve.
You can’t just use Arnold Schwarzenegger’s workout program if you want to get muscular, what worked for him will not give you the same results!
There are too many different variables to account for!

When people try to sell you on a one program suits all, “best workout program”. They couldn’t be further from the truth. Because since everyone is different, how can we expect the same results with 1 program?

The best program ever created is: a program that is specifically tailored to suit your individual needs. That program will give you the best results and will keep you motivated, injury free and be adapted to your lifestyle.

I also think it is important to have a complete approach to fitness, therefore I include a personal nutritional and supplement strategy along with 5 delicious recipes that YOU would love!

Once purchased, I will send you a questionnaire which will give me all of the information I need to make the best program FOR YOU. You will receive your custom program within 2-3 days after I receive this information.

If you would like to have a conversation with me about the program you may do so by simply contacting me after having filled out the questionnaire.

Tired of being stuck in a plateau? Want to take a step towards achieving your ideal fitness?
Get a Custom Program! A high value service for 179.99$!

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